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Grey sky covers
All that surrounds me,
Scattered noises
And crowing of poultry.
Gazing upwards
The sky hurts my eyes.
Darker still is
The sky at nightfall.
Groping and feeling,
Reaching then screaming!
The night is constant
Four years and five.
Reason comes with reign
While the sky grows darker.
Precipitation anticipated,
Parched throats and
Dry mouths wait.
All gets wet,
Laden with nature's
Own formula for life.
Throat still parched,
Mouth still dry.
A deviant from what
Reigns on all.
:icon11zack:11zack 0 0
Always looking down
with parched throat,
Hoping to see
or not to see
What lurks at the bottom
Down goes a mouthful
of saliva
And my mouth is still dry.
What is down there?
Clear was yesterday,
Nothing at the bottom.
The day before,
brown and murky.
Still Nothing
Today just black
and neat,
Ice only makes it
cloudy and unclear.
I count seventy-two.
Why can I hear
the sound of my own 
I can never see
What is at the very
:icon11zack:11zack 0 0
Life on life :icon11zack:11zack 2 0 Obscure :icon11zack:11zack 1 0
in the DEEP
Feel that silence under the water,
That silence that calms
your mind,
your body,
your soul.
I cannot breathe any much longer,
Grasp with sweaty palms.
You're blind,
no body,
empty bowl.
Reach, thinking that you are much stronger.
It breaks,
And back down you go,
straight to the depths
returning to silence
cold, lonely Silence
no mind,
no body,
no soul.
:icon11zack:11zack 1 2


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my dumbass 2/2 :iconshiniez:shiniez 2,534 1,567
Slender Man
Watch depthRADIUS

by IGzlz
The Slender Man
by Ekuneshiel
by astridmatsuoka
By techgnotic
In this season of deceits deceptions & witcheries
I am wary of my following message not being received with the full gravity it deserves. It is not my intention to unduly alarm the deviantART community, but... LaurenKitsune is at this time unaccounted for. All attempts on our part to contact her have failed. It is my hope that she has simply taken a much deserved unscheduled pre-Halloween “vacation” and will be back in online communication soon.
Before going dark, LaurenKitsune was good enough to write and transmit a report on the Slender Man phenomenon sweeping the Internet. That report is published here fo
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Planet of the Apes
Join Planet of the Apes fan art challenges inspired by MADEFIRE’s new Motion Book series! #PlanetoftheFans

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Madefire | Motion Book 1
After several failed attempts, a member of the human resistance leads a last-ditch effort to destroy a mysterious and heavily guarded, ape-built structure.
Madefire Credits
Build: Micha Ritchie & Matt Hardin
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Rainmeter Kiss
New desktop setup. I Hope you like this :)

Wallpaper: Alien software by deignis
Clock: Muon Suite/Muon Clock
Date: Encoded
Central Bar: Muon Suite/Muon Sidebar
Weather: Muon Suite/Muon Weather
Squares: Encoded
Visualisers: Eye of the storm (Circles) & Fountain of colours
Icons: Circle Launcher
Music Player: Enigma
Shutdown: Avengers
Walking home this evening at 6:00 PM I had another interesting experience:

It was dusk. The sky was pale blue with very few clouds in the sky. The air was chilly. As I took a deep breath the cool crisp air awakened my senses. It refreshed my lungs and I felt invigorated, as though I had been asleep the whole day. As if I had only just opened my eyes for the first time in my life, I was engulfed by the vibrant colour of the world around me. Leaves were green on the trees and the grass was soft under my feet. With each step forward the ground beneath each foot sunk a little, as if it too was just waking up to the world like I was. Although the earth could have just been wary from a long day of bearing the physical weight of mankind. Nevertheless, it was soft and gentle. I sauntered forward, taking in all the world around me. The comings and goings of passers-by, with cheerful laughter and wide smiles rooted in their expressions. The evening songs of the birds as they returned to their nests. Everything was in harmony with my own state of mind. We were all happy. As I approached the road, the sounds of engines revving and speeding along could be heard faintly. It was a little busy on the roads but it was peaceful.

Then I could see a bus come from a long way out. I hastened my pace lest I miss it. Squeaking suspension and screeching brakes. The bus came to a halt. I took a quick look inside but the bus was packed full of people eager to end their day and get home. Hot supper, warm house, comfy couch and nice loose pyjamas were their prime thoughts.

I then resolved to taking the long one-hour walk to my house. I plugged in my headphones and started walking. The sky grew more and more grey. The air grew cooler and cooler but I was too lost in the music to notice. Each breath I took was in rhythm with the beat of the song and waves of energy were sent coursing through me, which only threw me deeper into the music. I felt a sudden little prick of cold on my arm. Then another and another. It was mother nature, lulling her way into pouring her heavenly life-giving water onto the earth. The world suddenly grew dark all around. As far as I could see, street lights started flickering on and I could see the raindrops fall as they caught the light. Still I walked on, in hight spirits, the music carrying me along the way. Panicked civilians rushed past me, running for shelter from the rain. Some didn't even do so much as glance at me while taken up by the primal instinct to find shelter. Others, however, did look at me but with looks of confusion and disapproval. "What's wrong with that guy? He'll get seriously wet!"

The rain, luckily, was not heavy but each drop was gentle. They seemed to lightly coat me as if mother nature herself was lovingly embracing me into her bosom. I walked on thinking about how quickly everyone's happiness was washed away by the rain and how I was the only one that was undisturbed by it. Then I remembered some wise words someone told me. And just like today's rain I didn't see that person coming. "Happiness is a state of mind." If you want to be happy, you will be. Troubles unforeseen will come along the way but your happiness cannot be ruined by it.

Stay happy. Always.


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im the manager of a band , AMP 22


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